ScratchRecordCollective is based on John Cage's performance of "33 1/3" at the University of California, 1969.  "33 1/3" is a participatory sound installation with 12 turntables, 300 vinyl records, where audience members, without instruction, are able to simultaneously play records on the turntables.

For ScratchRecordCollective, 170 vinyl albums taken from Andy’s personal collection are used. Having been kept in damp storage conditions for over a decade all of the albums are in poor condition and basically unplayable as they are so scratched or warped. Exploiting the scratches and distorted vinyl is a generative rule to guide the performance. 

Players are encouraged to find points where the stylus sticks on a scratch and then leave this playing - at times all 12 turntables are playing, a cacophony of stuck albums that are caught in  jarring looped rhythms.

Beyond this there are no instructions to guide the indeterminate work, beyond curiosity or boredom, and the audience /performers are free to play and mix the records as they wish.

To date three of the performances have been recorded and published as 12" vinyl albums.


Scratch Record Collective -  From Hammond to Miles

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